Project 200 – February 2018 update

Can you believe it? Already a whole month of this new year has gone by already? Time waits for no one! That’s for sure!

It’s the first of the month and it is time for an update on Project 200.



Reduce night eating by at least 50%: I’ve achieved this and have even gone lower than 50% now.

Eat smaller dinners: I’ve been successful with this. In fact, our main meal now is at lunch time. So dinners are very small.

Add a minimum of 15 minutes of exercising 4 times a week: I’ve not achieved this. I’m still resisting exercising.

Create a Project 200 Vision Board: I have done this and posted it a couple of weeks ago. I’ve enjoyed making this. It had been quite a while since I had done a vision board.

Be still for at least 5 minutes per day, connecting with my essential self: This is touch and go. It definitely isn’t a daily occurrence yet.


I started the month struggling with cutting down on my food intake. I did cut down but it wasn’t ‘kick ass, let’s get this done’ kind of effort. So my body decided to give me a little push in the form of a digestive system issue. I had my gallbladder removed about 4 years ago. I think that I had stones still remaining in my bile duct. This gets painful when my fat intake is too high over a period of time. At about mid-month, I had pain that was very worrisome. I thought I would need to go to the emergency at the hospital. I sucked it up and proceeded to make very drastic changes to my diet. For a couple of days, I ate very little and avoided all fats. Over time, the pain went away. I still feel discomfort at times so this tells me that I may eventually have to get this taking care of. I’m hoping that it will clear on its own though. This was a blessing in disguise. It forced me to make major changes to my diet. Then I started to feel the weight coming off and that was the encouragement I need it to get me to build a momentum.

I have lost 18.2 lbs in January. In doing so, I have gained a bit of trust in myself and a greater sense of hope. I feel lighter. I can move a little bit more easily. Grocery shopping is less strenuous and I don’t dread it as much as I used to. I look forward to Spring partly because I’ll be able to get around better and enjoy it.

I’ve made a couple of big changes this month aside from eating less and better food. 1) To alleviate the stress on my digestive system, my husband and I are having our biggest meal at lunch time as opposed to dinner time. We have been doing this for about two weeks now and it is working very well. 2) About ten days ago, I’ve cut down my anti-inflammatory medication intake to half what I’m supposed to take. I’m not a very active person and I find that I can do alright with the discomfort and pain at this time. Having lost the bit of weight has helped with reducing the pain too. I  might have to tweak this once I get more active. For now, I’m sure my stomach is grateful for the reduced onslaught.

My goals for February are: 

  • Continue to eat small, low-fat, nutrient-rich meals
  • Add a minimum of 15 minutes of exercising 3 times a week 

January was a good month, all in all. I’m on my way! Project 200 feels more do-able than it has been now. See you on March 1st with a new Project 200 update! To our health!