I Am So Grateful!

In the past few blog posts, I have shared my story, where I am today, my BIG want and my wish list to the Universe. Writing all of this has been therapeutic. It has been grounding. What a gift! A great big thank you goes out to Effy Wild for her invitation to Blog Along with Effy. It is exactly what I needed at this time of my life, as I transition into the next phase of my life.

And now, I release my BIG want and wish list to the Universe and I let go and I know that it will be so. I KNOW that IT WILL BE SO!

As I reflect on my life today, I am grateful for so much!

  • I share my life with a wonderful man, who truly love me as I am without judgements, who supports me and cheers me on, who is my best friend. I am blessed to have an exquisite man as my life companion.
  • I have a son who loves me and actually likes spending time with me. (Ha! Who would have thought!) Who is very kind and loving and healthy and who makes me so proud just for who he is.
  • My son found a lovely woman to share his life and she has been a wonderful addition to our little family. Her joie de vivre is infectious.
  • I have many people in my life who love me just as I am, who reflects back my light even when all I can see is darkness.
  • I love our new apartment. It has become a very pleasant and cozy home. It is my refuge.
  • I can walk. It might be laborious and painful most of the time, BUT I can still walk.
  • We have the financial means to allow me to ‘retire’ early and not be in s rush to find a way to bring extra income to supplement my retirement income.
  • I’ve embraced my creative self and can create lovely art that makes me happy.
  • I’m a short way away from my favourite grocery store which means that I have easy access to nutritious and life giving food.
  • My life is filled with riches of the heart, with simplicity and with presence.
  • And the list goes on and on…

In the words of Karen Drucker, from the song I’m So Grateful/Gratitude Vamp:

Gratitude before me. Gratitude behind me.
Gratitude to the left of me. Gratitude to the right of me.
Gratitude above me. Gratitude below me.
Gratitude within me. Gratitude all around me.
I’m so grateful, I’m so grateful,
I’m so grateful, I’m so grateful.

I am so grateful! Thank you!

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  1. A wonderful post! It’s beautiful and you are lucky indeed!

    On another note, your black striped background is like an optical illusion. When I look down to type after looking at the stripes, there is shimmering off to the sides. So weird and cool!

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