A Cause for Celebration!

“Life is about using the whole box of crayons.” – RuPaul

I just came across this quote. Instantly I loved it!. I’m an artist and I absolutely love colours. So there is resonance there for me. Then I stopped and wondered… Do I use all the crayons in the box?  I do use quite a few, certainly. I love the oranges, the reds, the blues and greens and purples and violets and yellows. In all honesty, there are some that I avoid though such as the darker hues of greens and blues and most definitely the browns and greys. This is true of when I’m doing an art project but I can see that it is also true of how I live my life. Or more appropriately, how I accept the intricacies of being a human being as well as my life experiences.

It is much easier to accept and celebrate the good things about myself and the good choices I make. These are the oranges, reds, yellows, greens, blues and purples of my life. I reach for these and slather them all over the place. At least in my mind, I do.  What happens with all of the things I reject about myself, about the choices I make and beat myself about? What about the greys and browns and the darker hues? Don’t they need to be expressed as well? to be accepted and even celebrated?

Do you remember receiving the gift of a brand new box of crayons when you were a child? Do you remember how excited you felt? A full box filled with all those wonderful colours! You accepted this gift with open arms and a huge smile on your smile, I’m guessing.  I know I did! It didn’t matter what colours were in the box. They were all a welcome gift, ALL of them! What if we were to open our arms wide and welcome life with all of its hues; whether these are light or dark, bright or drab; as excitedly as we welcome that brand new box of crayons we received as a child? How would our life feel like then?

We are the box of crayons and whether we like it or not, all of the colours are part of who we are including the sum of our choices and experiences. I say… That’s a cause for celebration!

What crayons gets your attention and are more likely to use? Which ones do you push aside? Care to share?

8 Replies to “A Cause for Celebration!”

  1. Ahh the smell of new crayons! Mmmmm!!!

    The same analogy holds true for most things in our life – we don’t use the whole box of crayons for a lot of things. We typically go to the same restaurants; we eat the same foods, we take the same roads without any variation each day, We mingle with the same people…

    Time to break out of the cycle we are in and use the whole box of crayons!

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Isn’t it interesting that all these new crayons all smell equally good, Paul? Yes, indeed, we are creatures of comfort. We miss out a lot in that. I’m with you! Let’s use the whole box! Thanks for your comment, Paul! Always appreciated!

  2. I remember when the box of 64 crayons first emerged as a choice. My parents thought it an extravagance- but my grandfather bought me a box to use at his house. Which I did. Now, I can guarantee that none of my creations were worth the paper I employed, but my enjoyment at examining the shades and hues was what my Grandpa Sol was happy to provide.

    • I like your grandfather Sol, Roy! It sounds like he understood the value of creativity. And like him, I would think that all that paper was worth your explorations and enjoyment of shades and hues and ultimately your creations. Did you know that the biggest box of Crayola now has 152 crayons? That might feel a bit overwhelming perhaps.

  3. I posted yesterday here but i dont see it..
    My sister and I always color when we get together during the holidays,,,even in childrens coloring books it feels good and brings back special memories from childhood i especially like the box of 64 and still get a sense of excitement with a new box Now I will look at crayoons another special way after reading your post! Thank you!

    • Oh Tina! I’m so sorry your post got eating by the internet gremlins. I love that you do this with your sister. Colouring books for adults are the rage right now. Did you get some of those?

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