Home is Just a Breath Away

Stillness, the way HOME. There is no greater gift I can give myself that time to just be, to experience the nothingness of all there is. There is no place like this space within myself, within my soul. To allow myself time to visit there is like a taking the freshest of deep breath, to dive into the clearest and bluest of water. This is the only way I can experience the now moment. It allows me to get off the hamster wheel, physically and mentally. It allows me to experience the true gift of this now and it is a gift, always! To be home at last… there is no better destination to reach! Home is just a breath away.

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christine clements

“There’s no place like home” Dorothy from the land of Oz 🙂 lol xxoo

Leslie Didier-Paquin

Yes!! Thanks so much for the reminder.

Suzanne Eller

Couldn’t agree more!