New Month: New Blogging Challenge!

Last month, thanks to Blog Along with Effy, I blogged more than I ever did over the years I have blogged. I didn’t write a blog post a day but in 30 days, I blogged 17 times. Now to me, that is a success! Thank you, Effy Wild! You are always an inspiration to me!

To keep the momentum going and to give myself an extra push, I have joined the Ultimate Blog Challenge. The Ultimate Blog Challenge is hosted by Paul B. Taubman, II and Danni Ackerman, two entrepreneurs and bloggers who help others become successful. This is a free challenge and it isn’t too late to join in the fun! Click on the image below to be taken to this challenge.

I aim to post 31 times in October. That’s a big challenge for sure. There are days when I don’t have a clue what to write about. I’m thinking that if I get in the habit of sitting down daily to write, that perhaps the writing will flow. I certainly plan on giving it my best. One thing is sure. Blogging feels good! It’s a nurturing practice for me.

I hope you will cheer me on as the month go by and beyond. I love reading your comments and I always do my best to reply to each one of them. So keep them coming!

9 Replies to “New Month: New Blogging Challenge!”

  1. Excellent! Glad to have you on the Challenge, Ginette!

    If you have signed up on the email list, you will be getting an email each day with some ideas on what you can write about! Any questions, just ask.

    In any case, getting in the habit of writing will bring along so many good things for you. I cannot think of any downside (unless you suddenly become obsessed with writing and neglect everything else in your life! So don’t do that! LOL).

    Again, best of luck with the Ultimate Blog Challenge!

    • Thank you, Paul! I have signed up and have received my daily email this morning. It’ll be great to have some ideas if I run out of them. Thanks for that! And yes, I will stay away from blogging obsession 🙂

  2. Looking forward to sharing our insights during this Blog Challenge, Ginette.
    This is my second time, though I did not complete it then due to an accident, the benefit was amazing from 16 posts, just to get into the mindset.
    Looking forward to more interaction as our respective niches compliment.

  3. Right there with you on what to write about! I’m a first timer on this challenge but I’ve been blogging intermittently for quite some time. Now, it is time for me to take it to the next level. I’m sure its the same for you. Blogging does feel good! Cheering you on the whole month long.

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