The Call to Slumber

I have not written for four days. Hmmm… What is this about? I felt I had nothing to say. Nothing to say that had an inspiring note at least. I kept thinking about it but couldn’t get anything juicy enough. On the surface, that looks like a legitimate reason for not writing. It is true that what I want to share here has to be inspiring, to have a positive message. It’s important for me to be real about what is going on with me, in my life, but at the same time, I don’t want this blog to be a dumping ground for my crap. So yes, on the surface, I had a legitimate reason for not writing.

Something hasn’t been sitting right though. So I decided to get curious about what that’s about and how the past four days have been for me. This leads me to realize that I have slipped back into patterns that are not healthy for my wellbeing, for my mental health. Once again, I’ve succumbed to the ‘call to slumber’.

The call to slumber is so enticing! Slumber is comfortable in the moment and muffles everything around me and most importantly, it numbs me. Slumber comes to me in many forms, although compulsive/binge eating is definitely my sleeping drug of choice, it also comes in the form of too much Facebooking, game playing, online shopping and Netflix watching. Slumber to me is anytime I am not consciously living my life from day to day, hours to hours, minutes to minutes. It is anytime I’m letting precious time be sucked in by activities that are hurting me whether physically, emotionally, psychologically and/or spiritually. This is not to say that these activities are bad. However, when these activities are out of balance, it is being hurtful to me in some ways. The way it is hurting me the most is in the way that it is sucking my time, leaving me with very little to no time for activities that really nurture and feed me physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually such as movement/exercise, time to prepare nutritious meals/foods, quiet time to centre myself/meditation, quality time with my husband and with family and friends and last but not least, time for creativity. All these activities make my whole person soar to great heights and the bottom line is that I do deserve nothing less.

So once again, I gently shake myself awake. I remind myself that life requires my attendance. I smile … Ah yes! Right away! I’m on it!

8 Replies to “The Call to Slumber”

  1. I love your honesty. Lots of times I deny the slumber and snore away doing things that do not serve me. Thank you for speaking your truth. It is a human truth to which I can relate. xx

    • Thank you, Kathie! I do my best at being honest. Sometimes I do catch myself lying to myself though and that is the worst dishonesty I think. But as you said, that is our human truth.

  2. I do the same thing some days and it’s a hard habit to break when you’re in the middle of it. I can barely notice it happening sometimes. Thank you for the reminder that I need to wake up too! A super post 🙂

    • You are welcome, Sal! Yes, it is a hard one to break when in the middle of it. Like you, it happens so ever slowly and then I realized I’m in the middle of it. This is why mindfulness is so important. It helps me catch myself sliding back into bad habits.

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