Project 200

Project 200 – December 2017

Thank you to all of you who have left me messages of support and friendship yesterday. I feel very grateful for each one of you and each one of your words.

As I mentionned yesterday, today I want to share my Project 200 goals for this month with you. I also wrote that I would share about where I am physically. I realized that I have done this already on September 2nd when I first started this blog. If you have not read this post and are interested see the post titled X Marks the Spot, by clicking Here.

Project 200 has 5 components: Food, Exercise, Mindet, Self-Compassion and Accountability. Every month, I will set a goal for each one of these components.

My goals for December are: 

  • FOOD: Reduce night eating by at least 50% – Most evening after dinner, I eat and this is whether I’m hungry or not. This is when my compulsion to binge is at its strongest. For me, watching stuff on my iPad and eating go hand in hand. One of my goals this month is to significantly reduce the number of times I eat in the evening. I will keep a watch on my hunger level and do the best I can to not eat when I’m not hungry. If this means putting my iPad away in the evening, then I will do that.
  • EXERCISE:  Add a minimum of 15 minutes of exercising 4 times a week – I’m highly resistant to exercise. I. Don’t. Like. It! It has become a bit tricky now that my knees and hips joints are in such bad shape. I don’t want to speed up their deterioration. Yet I know that I have to exercise. I need to exercise. This month, I will ensure that I do exercise 4 times a week for at least15 minutes ensuring that I do not place an unnecessary burden on my joints. 
  • MINDSET, SELF-COMPASSION and ACCOUNTABILITY: Keep a daily journal – I will take time daily to write about what is going on within myself and do my best to re-frame any negative mindset and bring more self-compassion to myself. This will help with keeping me mindful and at the same time will help with accountability. I will also share, on the 1st of January how things have gone for me in regard to these.

I will return on January 1st to share the first month of the Project 200 journey with you all.

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