Project 200

Project 200 LAUNCH!

I’ve been looking forward to today because I’m quite excited about what I’m about to share with you all. I’m actually excited about this!

Today, friends, I’m launching Project 200 and I thought it would be fabulous if you were to accompany me on this journey in whichever way you choose to.  Support and accountability are important components of this project. I invite you to be part of my support team on this project. I hope you will accept my invitation.

What is Project 200?


Project 200, in a nutshell, is about me getting serious about my health, my body and my weight. It is about my goal of reaching 200 lbs. It is about releasing 142.2 lbs as of today’s weigh in. It is about dropping the pounds one by one, lightening my body in the process and giving my joints a much needed respite from being overburdened for so many years. It is about giving myself the gift of an increase in the quality of my life. All this without a specific date in mind but with the intent of mindfully and compassionately making choices day after day that is moving me forward on this journey.

How will I bring Project 200 to a successful completion? 


I will do this by addressing the following: food, exercise, mindset, self-compassion and accountability.

  • FOOD  I will be mindful as often as I can of what I eat and drink and when I eat and drink, letting my body guide me.
  • EXERCISE: I will be mindful of moving my body in some fashion most days with the intent of making my body stronger, specifically my knees and hips joints and my core.
  • MINDSET: I will be mindful of what is going on in my thoughts and do the best I can to shift any thought patterns that are not aligned with bringing this project to a successful conclusion.
  • SELF-COMPASSION: I will be mindful to bring compassion to myself as I journey this project. I will remind myself that I don’t need to do this perfectly or that it is ok to fall sometimes. I’m human. I have some deeply rooted patterns that have led me where I am in my body today. I will be compassionate with myself and love myself through the imperfection and the falls.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: I will share my progress here on this blog with you on the 1st of every month. I will share my successes, challenges and failures; tools and strategies I may be using; and anything else I might feel like sharing.

I will do this, also, by setting MONTHLY GOALS in the form of very small achievable steps in areas that I want to focus on. I will share these goals and my progress with these with you.

As I wrote at the beginning of the post, I’m quite excited to launch Project 200. I wouldn’t be fully honest though if I didn’t tell you that it does also bring about its fair share of trepidation. I have a very poor track record when it comes to losing weight and in truth, my self-trust is quite thin in this regard. HOWEVER, I refuse to give up on my body! So there! Ready, set, GO!

PROJECT 200 is now officially LAUNCHED! 

Since this post is quite long as it is, I will wait until tomorrow to share my monthly goal with you. Since I think it will be interesting to track the changes that inevitably will take place in my body as I journey through this project, I will also share where I am physically. If I’m courageous enough, I’m might even share pictures. Gulp!

We are so much stronger when others stand with us. I would love for you to support me as I journey through this project if you are so inclined. And if you are interested in embarking on your own health project, whatever it might be, I will definitely be there standing beside you with my support. It would be a joy for me to do so.

Here’s to OUR health! Here’s to MY health!

16 thoughts on “Project 200 LAUNCH!”

  1. I’m in ,.. day by day ,.. moment by moment,.. open to learning ,.. I’m never fully cooked,.. and lovin “IT” as I ponder thoughts to share ,. they are always a place for reflecting for myself,… mirrors lol
    So thanks for the gentle reminder ,.. I’m not perfect,.. by shhhh don’t let anyone else know !! 🙂 xxoo

    1. What? Christine! You are not perfect? hehehe None of us are. Thank goodness for that! Day by day, moment by moment. That’s the way! Thanks for your support my friend!

  2. Hello my dear friend this is a great idea! You can count on my continued support but also remember, I don’t really need you to change because I think you are awesome right now, and all along. Look at all the wonderful things you bring to the world already, all the days when getting to work with you was a bonus! Perhaps I should understand this better as continued evolution of you?

    1. Thank you for your continued support and your affirmation of me, Scott! It always goes straight to my heart. No, you are right. It is not about changing me. It is more about a deeper embodyment of the person that I already am. Therefore, YES indeed, it is my continued evolution. I do love that!

  3. Ginette,
    What a wonderful way to approach your challenge. You certainly have my support. You have been such a positive friendly influence during my recent struggles. You go Girl!

  4. Well, Congratulations Ginette, I’m so happy for you, and yes, I’m happy to be on your team !! Let the journey begin !!

  5. Great upon you Ginette! I am working on my health too & have found a great resource that makes so much sense. It is called “Eat right 4 your type” and it is about how your blood type impacts how your body deals with/responds to different foods. You might enjoy what it has to offer.

    1. John! Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment! Great job on making your health a priority this year! Health is so important. I know about Eat right 4 your type. I’ve never explored its concepts though. Thanks for the suggestion!

  6. So this is a self-improvement project you’ve designed for yourself? How does it work? Are you looking for support from others or asking others to join with you in their own Projects? An interesting concept. When I Googled “Project 200” I found sites about all sorts of things, but noting that seemed to fit. Then I saw your earlier blog entry, which explains it. We often get so fixated on the number on the scale rather than on the behaviors which might take us there. I will support you in any way that I can.

    1. Dorothy, so good to have you visit my blog! And thank you for your support. Yes that is a project that I designed for myself. It’s interesting that you are asking about if I’m asking others to join in their own project. When I first decided to this project for myself, I thought it would be great to invite others to do the same for themselves and we could support each other in that. I decided to not go that route initially. I didn’t want to overwhelm myself. But now that you are asking, I think that would be an awesome thing. Would you be interested in joining in?

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