Project 200 Vision Board

I’ve made many vision boards over the years. It’s been possibly 4 or so years, however, since I had made one. I love the process of making vision boards. I love going through magazine images and words and intuitively pull the images and words that align with my goals and intentions. This is a very sacred activity for me. It is a journey within myself, to a place where all is possible. I feel my way through visioning. For me, it is not about what I want to get or to do, by rather about how I want to feel, to be.

This is the vision board that I have done for Project 200 last week.

A dream come true / Within reach

To be free of the food addiction, to be thin has been a dream for so many years. I intend that this dream becomes a reality. I deserve this. I’m good enough for this. I’m worth it. This is within my reach.

Reclaimed / Homecoming

I  reclaim my body from the burden of unecessary fat and food addiction ravages and restore it to vibrant health. I rejoice in this homecoming.

Can do energy

Good food filled with nutrients and a positive mindset provides me with very necessary can do energy.

Feel light

To feel light in mind and in body is how I intend to live the rest of my life. I shed all unnecessary thoughts and pounds so that I can achieve this.

Right on track

I’m right on track with my eating, with my body movement, with my mindset. I have what it takes. If I find myself stepping off track, I notice this quickly, and with self-compassion bring myself back on track.

Move your body

I create opportunities to move my body. I love feeling my muscle tighten and the blood flowing through my body. My body is stronger and healthier every day.

Health is happiness!
     It really is about QUALITY OF LIFE.   
          I AM mistress of my own fate!

My vision board is where I see it many times a day, in our bedroom on my side of the bed. I see it first thing in the morning and I see it every time I go into our bedroom. I sometimes stand in front of it and take in its energy. This act recharges my resolution to make this project a success. YES!

8 Replies to “Project 200 Vision Board”

  1. I really like your vision board! I feel a lot of positive energy from the words and pictures. I love the location too!

  2. The words and the images really make strong positive statements. I like the idea of seeing the vision board regularly and taking in the energy. Your vision boards are amazing.

    • Thank you, Kathie! Actually, a huge part of having a vision board work for us is the taking in of the energy on a daily basis. Seeing myself as if whatever I’m wanting to be manifested in my life is here now. The is the magic of vision boards 🙂

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